Lamp, Wamp, Xampp Technology (PHP, MY-SQL, Linux, Apache)
.Net Application (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#)
Scripting (Javascript, perl, python)
If you wish for assistance of programming expertise, a fresh approach for troubleshooting, or guidance to build your project, we can help.We can develop and manage your projects from the initial idea to its final phase. This is an ideal option for clients who know what they want and have their content, but wish to bring it all together.
Our expert programmers can provide you with the support you need, while remaining completely behind the scenes. Our team is specialzed in well know programming language for Windows and Linux OS
Developer Assistance
Do you have to spend more time and money on a specific part of your project? Do you wish to focus your efforts in other areas? We have the solution, for you to concentrate on areas of importance areas in your project.
We provide:

Reliable programming
Technical guidance for your project
Script troubleshooting and debugging
Improving performance in project optimization
Help in script-related issues and third party Xtras