Call Accounting Software

in most businesses, large and small, telecom voice and data services are not controlled and tracked and it's eating into the bottom line. Telecom expense management is high on the corporate agenda today and a good call accounting and telecom billing software system is vital to successfully controlling these expenses

In addition to keeping track of your company's telecom expenses, a good call accounting system can help you analyze those expenses and let you know how much you're spending, so you can establish budgets and allocate costs more precisely. Multiply Technologies call accounting products integrate to other telemanagement functions by way of optional modules such as:
— Billing
— Budgeting
— Tracking of Internet usage
— Facilities management
— PBX administration
— Fraud control
— Traffic analysis
— Cable & asset management
— Switch management
— Bill-back capabilities
— Polling

Depending on your company's particular needs, and traffic volume, the cost and type of a call accounting system will vary accordingly.