Distribution Solution

Distribution Solutions has developed a well designed Distribution Management System to help companies manage the daily operations more efficiently. Our Distribution Solution allows you to facilitate your routine business requirements and various periodic results and reliable management reports.

It is exceptionally flexible to accommodate our customers minute requirements. It effectively updates the receivables through accounts receivable module and make proactive business decisions to manage your cash flow more effectively. Cash management capabilities help you forecasting future cash flow and let you plan financing to minimize financial cost.

It also automates the entire process of journal transactions and accruals, eliminating redundant effort in spreadsheets and other modules, providing more result oriented, meaningful and reliable information. It has powerful, yet easy-to-use financial reporting application that is integrated with general ledger and provides access to the critical information you need to make effective business decisions.

System Features
*Cash Flow Statement (With and without adjustments reports)
*Trial Balance
*Sales tax invoice
*Sales return invoice
*Purchase invoice
*Purchase Return Invoice
*Sales Register
*Purchase Register
*Inventory controller
*Profit & Loss Statement and comparisons with other periods along with detailed notes
*Balance Sheet along with detailed notes
*Automatic Vouchers generations
*User authentication system
*User Management (Adding, Editing User Rights and Deletion of user)
*Editing with many other options
*Solution is self maintained