Human Resource Management System

Our HR Management System offers greater total business value by facilitating a company to streamline human resource issues. This system solves critical HRM tasks with efficiency at lowest costs.

This System is available as a management tool for the companies looking for a comprehensive and reliable HRM System / Payroll solution, as criticle part of their organization. Our Payroll is suffuciently helpful to provide data for payroll cost and production relationship at required intervals.

System Features

As an important part of this module, complete Bio Data of an employee provides basis for onward multi-dimentional analysis. This solution registers following issues pertaining to attendance;

*Daily Attendance
*Elec S/D
*Lay Off Days
*Mill Duty
*Leave W/O Pay
*Loan Deduction / Tax Deduction
and many other features an organisation may face in its routine operation. Our solution keeps record of Unpaid Wages, Resignation, Leave Record and Transfers etc.
also inculdes:

*Detailed Pay Slip
*Attendance Register
*Social Security, EOBI, Education Cess
*Over Time
*Salary Sheet and Summeries
*Efficiency Award
*Fringe Benifits
*Visitors Record
*Training Courses
*Task Sheet
*Multi Level Assesment
*Appraisal Certificates
*Gate, Security and Time Office etc.