Inventory Control Management System

Any enterprise needing strict inventory controls with more efficient order fulfillment capabilities will benefit from this solution.
Inventory Control System includes following solutions:

* Spares & Tools Inventory - Provides complete control over complex inbound and outbound inventory movements
* Finish Goods Inventory - Efficiently controls complex inventory transactions for effective inventory management
* Raw Material Inventory - Controls raw material movements easily and efficiently

These inventory solutions are unique and comprehensively useful as part of ERP Solution. The user will have access to immediate and reliable information. They provides powerful solutions to manage all aspects of your inventory, distribution and warehousing needs.


A state of the art, comprehensive MIS Suite is the part of Inventory Control System. it includes:
* Purchase Demand Note (PDN) wise Purchase
* Pending PDN's
* Rejection wise pending purchase

* Rejected Items
* Short received items
* Excess purchased items
* Goods Receipt Note (Initial - Before Inspaction)
* Goods Receipt Note (Final)
* Cost Center wise consumption
* Document Edit List
* Items Ledgers
* Missing Serials
* PDN Form
* GRN Form
* Item wise Consumption (Detail &Summary)
* Stock balances
* Item wise Sales Tax
* Store Purchase GL - Code wise
* Store Consumption GL - Code wise
* Dead Items Report
* Machine wise consumption
* Item wise purchase (Detail & Summary)
* ISO 9000 complied Report Format