Purchase Management System

Purchase Management System lets you automate your procurement process and manage your inventory efficiently and improve performance of Purchase Department.

Routine tasks are simplified so you can focus on more strategic pursuits such as negotiating contracts and developing good relationships with your suppliers. Purchase orders, receipts, returns and adjustments can be handled quickly and accurately. The system automatically generates purchase orders based on inventory levels and reorder points, thereby it eliminates entire manual data entry.

Multiply Technologies is providing solutions beyond your expactations. This is proved here as Bar Code technology is integrated with the receiving function to improve efficiency and accuracy. This unique feature efficiently supports your inventory management.

Our Purchase Management System consists of two modules,
* Local Purchase
* Import Purchase

It manages your entire procurement process efficiently and effectively;

* Completes Purchase Order processing.
* Graphical vendor performance analysis to monitor timely delivery and product quality.
* Access to information for making more informed purchasing decisions and negotiating better vendor contracts.
* Contracts, Receipts, Issues, Laboratory Report, Raw Material Sale,Yieldage.
* Automated generation and posting in GL.
Other features for Imports are;

* The Final Performa Invoice
* Mechanism of Documentary Credit
* Letter of Credit
* Insurance
* Shipping Documents
* Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice,Packing List
* Insurance Declaration/Advice
* Notice of Arrival
* ETA in Pakistan
* Charges Detail
* Arrival at Mill
* Transportation
* Containerized Delivery
* Recommended Transporter
* Clearing Agent's Bill
* LC Payment Procedure and other detail